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List of websites pertaining to LightWave 3D. All these links will open directly over LightWiki so you might want to middle click to get them to open in a new tab.

LightWave 3D Websites

General 3D Pages

  • CGSphere - render your interpretation of a sphere.
  • SciFi 3D - Great scifi resources.
  • Starship Dimensions - great reference to all the ships from scifi history, to scale!
  • DAVE - The DAVE School
  • Cgdemo Home for your DemoReels and Images
  • CGArchitect - Dealing with CG architectural visualisation

3D Project Sites

  • The Short Project - experimental competition to create a short film collaboratively
  • Star Wreck - Feature length Finnish Star Trek/Babylon 5 spoof.

LightWave Artists

LightWave Developers

Click here for a LINK LIST of the most famous LW PlugIn developers, for instance :

  • Worley Labs - homepage for some of the best LW plugins, including FPrime, Sasquatch, G2 and more! By the genius Steve Worley.
  • db&w - homepage of the amazing infiniMap and exrTrader plugins, by Michael Wolf (LightWolf)
  • Denis Pontonnier - homepage of the prolific plugin coder Denis Pontonnier. Everything from Modeler tools to physical sky textures and procedural nodes.

Other Artists

  • - homepage of the gifted Bay Raitt, Weta modeler who worked on Gollum for Lord of the Rings. Has good tutorials on character design and modeling.

Interviews and Profiles