Modeling a Six Sided Die

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A nice easy object to start with a 6-sided die (singular of dice)

Die pip template.png

Firstly this is a template of an unfolded die just to show how the pips are placed on each side. Opposite sides of the die will always add up to 7. In this tutorial I am going to model all the details such as the pips, which could also be done with textures. Any of the images can be clicked on to view a larger version. Any text that appears like this (Shift-x) is a keyboard shortcut for use in LightWave 3d[9], do use them if possible as it will speed up your work tremendously.

Step 1. Create a box (Shift-x) and enter the settings in the numeric panel (n). Step1 BoxSettings.png We are just creating a 10mm box with rounded corners and making sure that each face of the cube has 6 polygons. We are going to be using these polygons to make the pips on the die. Finish creating the box by hitting enter.

Step 2. Save your object (s). I called mine Die_plain.lwo.

Step 3. Select a single polygon it the center of one of the faces. this is going to be our face with one pip.

Step3 select.png

Now Bevel (b) this polygon 3 times with the folowing settings in the numeric panel (n). Or you can just eyeball it to close enough

Bevel 1 inset 400 um, shift 0

Bevel 2 inset 0, shift -300 um

Bevel 3 inset 200um, shift -200um

The important thing is that the first bevel only insets the polygon and that the second one only shifts it back into the model. This will give a nice sharp edge to the pip later.

Step4 Bevel.png

Now you have to do the same for all the other polygons where you want pips. following the template pick out all the pip polygons you can bevel them all at the same time. You should end up with something that looks like this.

Step4 Bevel Done.png

Now you are probably thinking its kinda ugly with all those square pips. but its time for a little magic- called subdivision surfaces. Make sure you have nothing selected and then press (tab)


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